Thursday, July 5, 2012

Round Up!

I'm what you'd call a Lehi transplant. I was born in Salt Lake City, lived in Kearns, Salt Lake, and Spokane before settling finally in Highland at 7 years old. I consider myself Highland bred. 
When I fell in love with Lehi man I didn't figure I'd ever consider myself "from Lehi"...
But I've changed my tune.
If I had to pinpoint a date for my conversion...maybe the day my Holden started school? The day I brought baby Camden home from the hospital? The day we moved into our permanent home? Who knows. All I know is that over the last 10 years...I've become quite proud of this little city.
And I'm glad to raise my kids here...
SURROUNDED by family, friends, neighbors, and great people all around!

Last year a friend of mine, also named Jessica, was in charge of the ward float.
Let me back up, every year almost all of the wards in Lehi build a float for the Round Up celebrations and parades on Friday and Saturday.
The city reimburses the wards and there is a COMPETITION.
So, like I said, last year my friend Jess was in charge. I helped her out by making a gazillion cute costumes. And we ROCKED IT!

We did such a great job apparently, that the Bishop asked me to be in charge this year.
I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing float since the beginning of January.
We were the first to register our float idea (so that no one else can do the same thing)...BEFORE the theme was even out there...The lovely lady heading up the Parade committee is in our ward...and a friend. But before you go thinking we won because of that...she is VERY careful to not give extra help...and we respect her position enough to not ask or take advantage.
ANYWAY, this year the city theme was "75 years of Kids, Cowboys, and Fun"
And our ward theme was "Ask any Pro, This ain't our first Rodeo"

And this year...well, it wasn't Sweepstakes, but we did take 1st PLACE! And honestly...we were thrilled...the floats this year were out of this world!
Tons of people kept saying how much better they were this year.
So...1st Place? WE'LL TAKE IT!


Each float is pulled by kids...
This year our pullers were cowboys.
How stinking cute are they? And could you die over those belt buckles!
Our 6th puller was on a Scout camp out when we had dress rehearsal (yes, we are crazy when it comes to the float)

Our float riders:
Left to Right Rodeo Clown, Cowboy, Rodeo Queen, Announcer
So dang cute! 

At the front of our float we had 4 "Burger Boys"...see Lehi Rodeo is FAMOUS for their Rodeo Burgers!
So we had 2 burger boys at each front corner...And really, who WOULDN'T buy a burger from those cute faces!? 

Following the float we had 3 lines of kids...on the right we had a line of cute girls in blue dresses...
The two littlest ones in grey sat on the back of the float.
Aren't they darling!? 

On the left we had a line of cute girls in purple dresses...
The little ones in grey also sat on the back of the float.
How seriously adorable are they!? 

In the center we had a line of handsome boys!
I am in LOVE with the hats and pants!

Carrying the signs announcing our ward and float theme were 3 Rodeo Queen Attendants

And here it is! Our float!
I gotta tell you...Shawn was AWESOME building this thing for brother in law came in from California to help me...ok, not really, I mean he came, but not just to help...though he was fabulous and just worked and worked on it!
And all those pompoms...Jess and Paige were ROCKSTARS at getting those done!

Our bull Greased Lightning...he moved when our Rodeo Clown pulled on the rope! 

My cute niece and nephew from California agreed to help us out and participate this year.
Such dolls! 

My own cutie patooties! 

We had two BIG Burger Boys walk on either side of the float "selling" popcorn, ice cold drinks, and RODEO BURGERS! 

Our Rodeo Clown all done up...
I could just eat him up! 

Our awesome Announcer! 

Our Rodeo Queen waved and blew kisses the WHOLE way...that's 2 miles folks. 
She was a PRO! 

Lined up and ready to go! 

And 1st PLACE! WAHOO! 

And my float sister!
And yes we are sporting Tiaras.
Compliments of the PG City Royalty. 


I had a BLAST most of the time! LOL! I lost a TON of sleep! I may never sew again (jokes)...but truly, I LOVED doing the float again! It probably didn't hurt that we won again...
And, the question of the month...will I do it again?
I think it's someone elses turn...though I wouldn't change a thing about the last 6 months.

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