Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We've been HOPPIN' busy!

Just a little update about what we've been doing the last little bit...

A few things we don't have pictures of...Holden finished his track meets and LOVED it! What a kid!
Tyler took the ACTs and did really well! Smartypants!
Cole saved his school bucks (earned for good behavior, etc) and bought "dad" (Shawn) a Harley t-shirt...spending it all on that! LOVE this kid!
Camden has become the dog whisperer! Roscoe LOVES him! And I LOVE that!
And Addy is ready for everything summer! She is such a girl! YAY!

Now on to the good stuff!

We decided since we are eating so many fresh veggies we would grow some of our we moved (I say that like I helped)...Shawn and the boys moved the swing set to the side of the yard and cut out grass to make a garden spot.  So far we've planted and killed tomatoes, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, and peppers...Ok, maybe they aren't dead got really cold right after we planted them.

Addy wanted to make a project with me one Sunday, so we made her a skirt.
She did pretty well!

Camden lost ANOTHER tooth!

I had a great Mother's Day!

I got flowers from Camden...

A book from Addy...

More flowers from Shawn...and we went looking for a Yonana Machine, but Target was out!

We rescued a new dog...Roscoe...a boxer.

The kids love him and Baxter is getting used to him. He's an indoor/outdoor dog, sleeps with Holden in his room, and is actually very calm most of the time.  He's been a good addition and fit right in!

Of course we still love our Baxter!

I finished Shantel's quilt! It turned out SOOOOO cute!

The kids had their dance festival at school...
I missed this year, my brother, sister, and I were in Washington for a funeral, but Shawn got me video and pictures!

Addy danced to "A Friend Like Me" from Aladdin

Camden danced to "Trashin' the Camp" from Tarzan

We had our annual Memorial Day BBQ on Monday
I made the big boys help me with the hamburger patties...this included, smelling the raw meat, mixing it all up with their hands, and making the patties themselves.
It builds character!
Even if they weren't tremendously happy about it!

Shawn is still king of the house...and continues to maintain his reign, though the boys are fighting hard to dethrone him...
They've got a ways to go...
He can take them both on and STILL come out on top!

Wade and Ruth brought their big blow up water slide for us to play on at the BBQ and it was a blast!

And played a crazy, full contact, worse than churchball, volley ball game!

Then we had our annual, doesn't matter how cold it is, Memorial Day waterfight!

We've been busy round here! Some of it's grand and fun, and some of it's been a little bit harder.
But we aren't gonna complain...
how could we?
We've got some incredible kids...good (Shawn is ROCKING the insurance biz...breaking records and all kinds of things!)...a SWEEPSTAKES winning float that is almost DONE...and lots of love!
Couldn't ask for more!

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Life as Linds said...

Holy Moly Woman! You are such a busy lady! Way to go for keeping it together!