Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm trying to keep up...

It's been a busy couple of months around our house! Holden turned 14...ugh, how did that happen? I have pictures of his birthday too, but they aren't on the card I had brought to work.  So, those will be coming later...

After Holden's birthday we had two birthdays back to back...Camden turned 9 and then about 11 days later, Cole turned 10.  Good grief! My kids are all growing up! It's killing me!  We didn't have Cole on his birthday, but he had the same outfit as Camden did to wear on his birthday day! They both chose them independently of the other (I ordered the shirts online) and still chose the exact same ones! Funny boys!

I gave them each the option of a birthday party or $100...shocking. They each chose the $100! So I had me a date with two handsome 9 year olds one Friday afternoon and we hit the streets to spend us some money. I had gone to the bank before I picked them up so they each had an envelope of cash.  They were in heaven!  We had dinner at Noodles and Co and then spent some dough!

Because they had chosen the $100, I didn't get gifts, but couldn't stand the thought of them not having SOMEthing to open on their birthday day, so they each got a new outfit to wear that day.

Cam...posing in his birthday outfit!

After school on Cam's birthday, I picked them all up and we went and saw the Lorax!  It was so good! And I totally cried when the Lorax came back...I'm such a boob!

The weather here has been crazy day it snows and the next few it gets warmer and warmer until we're in the 70's.  A few weeks ago, we had Alexa sleep over at our house and when the kids woke up and went outside to play they decided it was HOT! I think it was 73*...but they were so deperate to get the sprinkler under the trampoline that I conceded.  Crazies!

Last Saturday Addy asked me if I needed any help.  I was working on Parade costumes and told her I was good, but thanks.  A few minutes later I hear from the kitchen..."Mom...are the dishes clean in the dishwasher?" I replied they were.  And shortly after that I heard the clank and clink of dishes...I came out to investigate, and this is what I found. Bless her heart!

8 days ago, our lives changed forever. And for the better. Shawn was informed, after his annual round of tests, that he needed to make a change, that death or massive heart attack were iminent if something didn't give. So we did. Together. And so are now a Paleo family.

You can check out our journey at

I'm trying new recipes and new spins on old recipes so that we still feel like we are able to eat with the normals... ;)

It's been a bit rough...emotionally for me, physically for Shawn...but I've grown rather fond of him, so I'd like to keep him around for as long as I can.

At any rate, here are some pictures from our paleo blog of my morning smoothie...

I've been keeping busy with apron and bag orders and parade pictures of parade costumes yet, but here are a few of the aprons and bags I've made lately.

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