Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I know we're late, but better late than never...right?

We celebrated Easter with both my family and Shawn's on Saturday.  We went Saturday morning to my parents house and had brunch, an easter egg hunt, dyed eggs, and planted flowers! It was such a fun morning!

My big boys doing what they do best, playing games...I started referring to them as the two old men from the muppets that sit up in the balcony.  Contrary to what this picture might show, they did have a good time! They hid the eggs for the little ones and then helped the really little ones find them. They are good boys. :)

Addy and grandpa!

Big K and Aunt Shelleys new dog GiGi...he LOVED her!

Hunting for eggs...

The "little" cousins

Planting flowers

Coloring eggs...some of the eggs were magic! The Easter Bunny had written notes on some of them! So when the kids colored them, they were so excited to have a "note" on their egg!  Mostly they were "I love Aunt Shelley" or "Aunt Shelley loves me" but they were pretty excited nonetheless.

GiGi...isn't she ADORABLE!

After Grandma Peg's and Grandpa Alan's we went to Uncle Mike and Aunt Paula's for a lunchish BBQ, easter egg hunt, and kickball! It was a blast as always!

Waiting for the eggs to be hidden...


Finding eggs EVERYWHERE!

Shantelly posing...

More egg hunting...Camden was bound and determined to get the egg way up in the branches...Kyle put it there...and it took about 20 minutes and a lot of help from Uncle Jason to get it down! But he did it!

The big 'uns just hanging watching the kids find eggs

After the easter egg hunt just visiting with family

Crazy Kickball Game! Boys against Girls and Uncle Mike and Kyle

When the Richins's a full contact sport
Shawn "blocking" Jenna

After a fun day full of family...we came home to color MORE easter eggs (we ended up with 3 dozen) and have baths getting ready for Easter Sunday.  What a great day!

Easter morning...Camden and Addy were rarring to go...but the rest...mmmmmm...not so much.
The whole family (minus Cole, he was in Vegas) in bed

While Camden and Addy searched for eggs...Holden, Tyler, and Shawn took a cat nap

They found their Easter Buckets! Whoohoo!
Camden was most excited about the Chicken that pooped bubble gum...

Tyler's was hidden in the popcorn bucket on the top shelf of the pantry!

Cole was in Las Vegas, but the Easter Bunny knew he left a bucket full of all the same goodies for him...just on the couch instead of hiding it

My sweet kids...aren't the cute! Oh I love them!

Happy Easter everyone!

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