Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live just keeps on going...

Ok, I know the catch up posts are FOREVER long...but what do you do?  Life just keeps on going!  It never stops and I kind of stink at blogging sometimes...most here you go:

Addy turned 7 August 23 and we celebrated with glitter toes and froo froo flip flops party!  Ruth's neighbor girl MaKenna does them and she was WONDERFUL! Everyone had a great time getting their toes done and making their flip flops!  Even Holden...

We celebrated the next day with family...Addy was so spoiled this year!  Every year!  She was showered with clothes, movies, cd's, and Ipod, and her favorite...OOBEES!

 Addy's birthday DAY was also the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! She hasn't ever had a birthday while in school!  So this was the first year she got to take a treat...yummy frosted cookies from Lehi Bakery. :)

A few days after she turned 7 Addy got brave and let dad teach her how to ride her bike!  WHOO HOO!  We still need to work on starting on her own, but she is great at it already!

A few weeks ago, Tara Hendricks offered to take Addy with her girls, Addy's BFF Jocelyn and sister Britlyn, out to Westlake for a mini cheer camp.  Addy was so excited to go and ACTUALLY PARTICIPATED!  At home she showed off her moves and dad and Camden got in on the action helping her practice!

The girls performed at every quarter and half-time for the Homecoming Game!  I was worried she wouldn't do it, but she was so good!  No tears and she actually did the cheers!  There were other girls in her way most performances, so the pictures aren't great, but WHOOHOO!  And for those Lehi fans...Addy didn't actually cheer for Westlake...on the way home she was chanting her cheers and saying, "Go Wesley! Go Wesley!"  LOL! Love that girl!

And speaking of Homecoming...Lehi's Homecoming was September 10 and Tyler asked Micala Downs!  She answered him while he was at our house for the weekend AND he was here for the date/dance too!  I was so glad we got to be a part of it all...but I'm not sure he was...I'm sure you'll understand why...

So...for 2 weeks Holden had been making plans to hide in the back of my car (sort of a hatchback) and SURPRISE Tyler and his date when he picked her up for the dance.  The day of the dance he was digging around under our stairs and stumbled across this treasure...

The only logical thing to do was to put it on...I'm not sure how he got it over his shoulders, I think it was a size 10.  And hide in the back of the car!  He hid for about 40 minutes before Shawn posted the picture on facebook and Tyler saw it on his phone.  So, no surprises for Tyler...

Doesn't he look handsome!  I can't believe he is almost 17!  He said he had a really good time (they went to dinner and the Homecoming game Friday and then dinner and the dance Saturday) and he thinks he will ask Micala out again.

I think in the future, Tyler will only attend the school dances that fall on his mother's weekends...though I can't imagine why!?!?!?

For Labor Day a friend of ours lent us a HUGE blow up water slide/pool and we had a few people over for fun in the water and a BBQ.  Our friends Ryan and Sausha and their little boy Morgan, Wade, Ruth, Alexa, and Kellan, and Dave, Syann, Giselle, Devin, and Foster Dunstan all came to party with us.  And party we did! 

These first few are BEFORE we hooked up the water...notice Holden's faceplant...I've got GREAT timing! ;) 

When it was time for everyone to start arriving, we hooked up the water and the kids had a BLAST!

The men and big boys had a crazy football game...throwing opponents into the pool was not only allowed, it was encouraged!

I just love this cute nephew Kellan!

Kellan was trying to get in on the football action!

After a rousing game...Shawn and the boys decided to take Wade on...they weren't ever successful, but Wade said if they'd tried a little longer they would have made it!

After Wade, the boys tried to take Ryan down...

And then Shawn...

By the time we had eaten the kids were FREEZING! So we started a fire and had s'mores for dessert!

Everyone had gone by about 7 and after I'd cleaned everything else up I went downstairs to relax with the rest...this is what I found!

I think that's a sure sign it was a good time for everyone! :)

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