Thursday, August 4, 2011

More FUN!?!?

How much fun can you squeeze into one summer?  We're not sure, but we are trying to stuff it full! Earlier this summer we went to the Scottish Festival!  We are proud, card carrying members of the Gordon Clan!  We went last year too and the kids had such a good time that all of them asked for kilts!  I'm still trying to track down the official Gordon Clan Tartan, but I found some that worked for Camden and Cole for Halloween. 
I love that Shawn is so proud of his heritage and wants to share it with the kids.  I am proud of being German, but somehow I think the State would frown on us introducing the kids to Oktober Fest festivities...
This year was just as much fun as we remembered last year being...

Addy got her face painted by an amazing artist. Seriously!

We watched the march of the makes me teary a little every time!  I love it!

We checked out the cool things to climb on, play, and see...

And we found our new favorite Scottish band...THE WICKED TINKERS!  They were GREAT!

A little later in the summer, we went to Foam Day with Aunt Ruth, Alexa, and Kellan!  There were bouncy house water slides and sand, shops, and food!  The kids had a great time!

Shawn had bought the kids colored gel for their hair and they had to try it out!

This picture of Kellan cracks me up!  Just before I took the picture he was full on screaming as he tried to throw himself out of Ruth's arms.  He saw me out of the corner of his eye and stopped, sat up straight and attempted a smile for the picture.  SO FUNNY!

Muddy feet courtesy of the large puddle that you can't see as you step off the slide...

What you can't see in this picture, but what Ruth just saw, was the GINORMOUS, muddy puddle of water that had accumulated at the foot of the slide.  There was NO way to circumvent it...she crashed RIGHT INTO IT!

FOAM!!!! The firetrucks put buckets of dish soap into their water tanks and sprayed out hundreds of thousands of gallons of FOAM for the kids to play in!  They had such a great time!  But I lost them as soon as they were let in...everyone was white and I couldn't tell which ones were mine anymore.  So enjoy these pictures of the kids waiting to get foamed.

So far it's been a fun summer!  We've also had late night fires with friends and S'mores...been swimming with cousins...played with friends...and more! Sweet Summer Time!

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