Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm a terrible mother on many levels...this being simply one of them...not only am I FINALLY getting to posting these...I only took pictures of the tables and decorations.  Yep.

Bless my sweet sister in law, Melissa, she took pictures and sent them to all the people pictures...courtesy of her.  Thanks again Miss!

Now for the first picture...I can't figure out how to get it to let me type above there it is showcased.  These were the tables PRE gummy bears.  They were missing something, so I later added the gummy bears...MUCH better.  Really not the focus of the day though, eh?  It's coming, I promise, but cute is this!?!?

Serving table

 Tables set up downstairs for eating

 One of the special boys

 MUCH better!

Ok, before the people pictures!  It's been 5 months and I'm still not sure where to begin...I guess the first thing you should know is that I CRIED outright for about 3 weeks leading up to this wonderful day...ANY time I thought about Camden or Xander or roasts or family or really anything, I began to tear up and could not keep it back.  I'd call that an outpouring of love!

So the big day was chaos...but it's good, I've learned to thrive in chaos...except for the taking pictures part...I stayed up until midnight the night before to start 6 roasts in the crock up and got myself ready then all of the kids...ALL of them!  What a great day!

We got to the stake center and it was crazy there everywhere!  Camden and Tyler went to get changed...OH!  Camden asked his 16 year old brother Tyler to baptize him and Shawn to confirm him.  If Tyler was nervous, he didn't show it!  I was so proud of them both!  While they were changing, we found Uncle Ty and Xander.  Shawn filled out the paper for the Stake leaders to read about Camden...thank goodness because I was a blubbering mess.

Finally we made it to the Chapel for the talks and such.  We were the last to go into the font...they had to split our ward up even...between Xander and Camden we had over 80 people in attendance.  We went last so that we could do the confirmations in the Chapel to accomodate our masses.  This is where I get teary...even today.  I simply cannot express how incredible it felt to look around and see nearly everyone in that Chapel was there for my child.  I still wonder how in the world we lucked into such incredible families.

The baptism was great!  No floating toes or anything...Tyler and Camden were both pros!  Uncle Wade and Dad were witnesses and then back to the Chapel where the Bishop made Aunt Melissa and I both bear our testimonies...and I had to go last.  I can't remember much of what I said, I really hope it was coherent!  I just had such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to everyone who was there...some travelled from the nether regions to be there.  I humbled.

After everything, I think it was because we were in the Chapel, I just spaced pictures and everyone went to our house for a feast.  And a feast it was.  Perhaps some may think I over did it...but you many times do you get baptized?  This is the FIRST big step for a person and I think it deserves to be celebrate we did!

We had roast and potatoes and rolls and salads and desserts....|YUMMY!  We celebrated Camden and Xander's birthdays with a Superman cake for our Super men!  Camden's birthday was the same day as his baptism and Xander's was a few weeks earlier!  Us Richins, Huberts, Andersons, and Allreds really know how to party!

Hanging downstairs...

Too many cooks in the kitchen?  I think not!  Thank goodness for helping hands!  Seriously!

Getting some air...

Birthday cake for the special pair!

So happy, but we needed at least one picture of the two of them!

blowing out candles

how cute is this!?  My sister in law Natalie did one for each of the boys!

Goofy as ever!  Love these boys!

It's an understatement I know...but we mean it from the bottom of our hearts!  Thanks for making Camden's day such a memorable and special event!


Erin Lyman Wilson said...
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Erin Lyman Wilson said...

I couldn't figure out how to edit my first one so I deleted it to save myself from embarrassment.Anyways...
This was so fun reading! I am so proud of Camden and Tyler. I can't imagine being 16 and baptize my younger brother do my baptism. Camden is seriously a spiritual little guy Jessi! Love ya!