Saturday, February 26, 2011

Up and coming models...

I try to have family pictures taken every other year, then the in between years I take pictures myself of just the kids.  It is so important to me...its sappy, but after I'd had Addy, I had the strongest feeling that she needed a picture of her family including her dad.  Scared me a bit, I worried that something was going to happen to Shawn.  Thankfully nothing has!  But I've tried to always keep an updated picture of our family on my wall.  I missed a few years, but we had them done again about a week ago.  I have Allison (Pretty Pictures in American Fork) take them.  I love them every time!  She is seriously amazing!  So here they are...Enjoy them!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

From Left: Tyler, Camden, Mom, Addy, Dad, Cole, Holden
For those who aren't sure who everyone is :)

I love this one!  I love how squished and cozy we all look!

Ahhhhhh! Isn't this a CUTE family!?!?!?
We haven't had pictures of just the two of us since our wedding...almost 9 years ago! I love it! Don't we just look like we fit together?
I was gonna have her take pictures of Addy and I and Shawn and the boys, but decided at the last minute to do the opposite...I'm so glad I did!

Mom and her HANDSOME boys!  I love every one of em!

Our super cute kids!  OOOOOH I could just kiss every single cute face!

Tyler Jay...16 years old
Holden Shawn 13 years old
Cole Stephen 9 years old
Camden Joal 8 years old
Addysen Beth 6.5 years old
I know, I know...I go on and on...but I can't say it enough. I love this family and I LOVE these pictures!


DT Young Family said...

Love them!!!

Wade and Ru said...

I love them more each time I see them!