Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday HOLDEN dear!!!!!

This has been a BIG year for Holden!  His first year of Junior High...7th Grade...and NOW...he's 13!  Finally he's out of his tweens and into his teens...OFFICIALLY! 
Happy Birthday TEENager!
For the newest U of U fan!
New RUNNING earphones...yes, Holden has decided to take after dad and is now a biker and a runner!
Yet another backpack...apparently these rucksack looking backpacks are GREAT!  This is his 3rd...and he's already talking about his next one...
ZIG TECHS!!!! Whoo Hoo! He was so excited when he opened the box and saw them that he literally dropped them on the floor!
Some of our favorite people...
Showing off his potato gun...not a birthday gift, but he was excited nonetheless.
"Happy Birthday to YOU!"
Aw! Blowing out his 13 candles!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to one of the BEST kids I know!

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