Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas Highlights!

Christmas was a blast this year!  Santa came to our house for all the kids (even Colie Olie...some at Kar's and some at ours) so it was quite the party!  These pictures are just the highlights!  A HUGE shout out to Aunt Shelley, she came to the door at 6 am sharp bearing gifts of sleds for the little boys, a straightening iron (pink of course) for Addy, and gift cards for the big boys.  Santa had stuffed a stocking for her as well and it was so great to have her share this EARLY, crazy and happy morning with us!

About 9 everyone else (grandma, grandpa, grammy, pops, Kar, and Colie) came over for MORE presents and YUMMY crepes!  It was such a great day all the way around!  We are so grateful for wonderful family to share the holidays with!

For dinner we had our traditional Richins Family Christmas Dinner with games, delicious food, and FANTABULOUS company!  I didn't get pictures of the breakfast or dinner because all THREE of my camera cards were full....but honestly, the pictures don't come close to the real thing!  We'll just leave it at, YOU HAD TO BE THERE! :)

Addy's "stash"...Santa puts each kids gifts in their spot and we just let them go at it!
YESSSSSS!  I got GoGo!  Talk about a HAPPY girl! Santa done GOOD!
The short? list...GoGo, Barbie Jet, hair stuff (blow dryer, straightener, brush, pics, hair spray, etc), Barbies, boots, jammies, outfit, sweats, pillow pet (Karalee), Hannah Montana Snuggie (Karalee), books, movies, earrings, watch, etc...etc...etc...
Camden's "stash"
Ahhh!  The along waited and dreamed of SILVER Corvette...yes he was that specific...Santa wasn't sure he would pull that one off!
The short? list: shoes, silver corvette, pillow pet (Karalee), memory foam pillow (yes, he asked for it specifically and bless her heart she came through! Karalee), outfit, sweats, jammies, sled, movie, books, ammo, legos, toothbrush and toothpaste, watch, new pillow (again, he really asked for it!)
Cole's stash got moved upstairs...
The short? list: ipod, pillow pet (karalee), outfit, jammies, sweats, remote control jeep, legos, tech deck dude skateboards, watch, etc...
It's just what I wanted!
Sig Sauer .22
Holden's short list: his really is short...but that gun set Santa back! ;) outfit, jammies (basketball shorts), shirts, ammo, .22, Nerf gun, watch
I had my eye on this very one!
Range finder and binoculars
Tyler's short list: range finder, binoculars, ammo, watch, shirts, basketball shorts, outfit, knife

On top of all that...I know can you believe it? We were also spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, Grandma and Grandpa Allred, and Grammy and Poppy Hammond!  We feel SO blessed!

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