Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catch UP!!!!

To say that its been a while would be an enormous UNDER statement!  I think my last picture post was in August...oi!  So here's the catch up of the year all the holidays rolled into one! 

Christmas Eve we went and saw Grandma Littleford and opened presents with her before we went to my mom and Alan's.  I'm so glad we did!  This was the last time the kids saw Grandma.  She passed away a few weeks ago.  So I'm so glad that we had a chance to visit with her, she will be sorely missed.

When we got to my mom's we were in for a surprise!  She had been peeling carrots into her sink and it "regurgitated" them all for us.  Shawn and Jonny pulled the sink apart to clear things out and...well it blurped on Jonny!  Hehehehe!

This is the sink AFTER the water drained...I wish I had gotten a picture of it full, but you can see the orange line...

While we were at Grandma and Grandpa's we stopped over to visit with our Aunt Beth!
As always, grandma told this year's christmas story....
And grandpa played guitar and we sang!  We had partied earlier in the month too, my niece was out of the state for the holiday, so the only gifts that night were the traditional Christmas Pajamas!

On the 23rd I took the little kids to Zoo Lights with my sisters, nephew, grandma and was so fun!  We all had such a great time seeing the lights (there were TONS everywhere), drinking hot chocolate, and eating fried S'mores!  YUMMMY!  The animals you never see move were so active!  It was totally worth it!  I think it's going to be a new Anderson tradition!

Halloween was crazy this year!  Both Camden and Cole decided they wanted to be Scottish warriors for Halloween...we had taken them to the Scottish Festival that summer and they all wanted kilts...go figure!  So, I made a couple kilts and we transformed them into William Wallace from Braveheart...

My pictures at the parade got erased, so...this is out at recess AFTER the parade :)

Addy was a 50's cheerleader...she really just wanted the poodleskirt :)

Halloween morning we went to grandma and grandpa's for breakfast and a whole lotta fun!  After a yummy breakfast, there was a trick or treat treasure hunt, then carving pumpkins, and costume awards!  The kids had such a good time and came home with so much candy we really didn't need to go trick or treating that night...

But we did spite of the SNOW!  Thank heaven for in door trunk or treating!
Holden and Tyler decided their time would be better spent scaring the trick or treaters...

So there you are, the condensed version of the end of 2010.  I've got pictures of Christmas at home on another camera card, I ran out of space on this one...Guess I should upload pictures more often than once ever 4 months, eh?

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