Monday, September 6, 2010

And it comes to an end...

Ok, so I'm late as usual...we are into September,  but I had to post one more time about Addy!  I just can't seem to find words to explain how grateful I am to have Addy!  All month long as I posted pictures and sorted through them to find the ones I wanted...I am just awestruck at how quickly she has changed and grown.  She was the most mellow, wonderful, beautiful, little porcelain doll of a baby for about 18 months...and then BAM something clicked and she took off!  She is sassy, HILARIOUS, crazy, brave, friendly, smart, all grown up, and wonderful!  I cannot imagine my life without her in it!  So enjoy the last few pictures (ok, million pictures)...
First year of Preschool Christmas Program
Addy get your gun!
Little People...ahhhh, the days before Polly Pockets and Barbies...I miss them!
Rub a dub dub GOOFY kids in the tub!
See!  She started as a PRETTY Princess!  Halloween 2007
Then she turned into the TOUGHEST crown around! "You wanna fight me!?!?"
I know you've seen 'em before, Addy's self portraits, but they were so funny!  I've only posted a few of my favorites this time around.
And after I'd posted the "original" self portraits...I found more...and I have only posted SOME of them...much a DIVA?
This IS how she took it...I didn't do anything to it.
I guess self portraits were overdone by this point.  These are SOME of the ones she and her friends took in our backyard one day...
For Mothers Day this year my mom asked me to take pictures of my niece Mariah for her mom's gift.  We also did some of Addy and some of the two of them.
There is no doubt about it!  Addy LOVES her  COUSINS!  She is always begging to play with them and telling stories about them and remembering them!
Addy and Lula
Addy and Mariah
Addy and Norah
Addy and Auntie Jo!  I know she's not a cousin, but we love her just the same!
Addy and her BEST friends...Marin and Jessica
More of the surprise pictures! 
Jessica, Addy, and Brittlyn
I know it's way out of order, but this was EASILY my favorite Halloween!  The bumblebee princess! Halloween 2006
My little DIVA!
Addy, Jessica, and Brittlyn
For school Addy had to go dressed as what she wanted to be when she grows up...a POLICE woman...just like daddy!
Hogle Zoo with the 1st Grade
Halloween 2009!  Kindergartener Little Red Riding Hood in the Halloween Parade!  Yeah, Addy's got the BEST Grandma EVER...she made the CUTE CUTE dress for her!
Sorry, I just gotta say...I love every last one of 'em!  A gangster, a soldier, Lil Red Riding Hood, and Ya Mon walked into a bar...ok, really it was Flour Girls and Dough Boys in AF to get cookies ;)
Thanks everyone for playing a big or small role in supporting, loving, and helping my kids to grow up safe and strong! 

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