Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh playmate...

Come out and play with me!  This year for Addy's friend party (only every other year) I reserved a pavillion at Wine's Park.  We tie-died t-shirts for all of her little friends and they wore them to the park to make it easier for us to keep tabs on them.  I also enlisted my sister Becca, mom, nieces Mariah and Sierra, and Holden to help me keep track of them all.  The kids had a great time and we had very little clean up! 

Aiden was our first guest to arrive.  Addy spotted Becca about 2 blocks away and went running to the curb to meet them.
Taking a small break from the playing...we had Krisp Creme wafer cookies and mini bottles of water.
Grandma, Holden, Jennifer, Macey, and Marin
Playin' at the park!
Joslyn and Brittlyn
Jennifer, Macey, and Marin
Sierra, Holden, and Camden at the pavillion
Joslyn and Brittlyn
Aunt Becca and Aiden
Birthday GIRL!
Sierra and Holden
Macey, Marin, and Alexa
Camden and Aiden
Birthday girl
Sierra, Brittlyn, Joslyn, Alexa

After the kids played for about an hour we hit the pinata...a huge pink flower! There was TONS of candy and the kids had a ball. I got video of it, but we were all too busy worrying about the blindfolded kids swinging the aluminum bat to take pictures...yeah, I didn't think that one through.  I'm the only one that got whacked though, and it was only once :)

Opening presents!

After presents the kids made dirt cups with chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs, gummy worms and sparkle suckers!  By that time though, my camera battery was dead.  :(  Again, I got video, but no pictures.  I'll try to post the videos in a little bit.  They are pretty cute!

All in all, our party in the park was a hit!


DT Young Family said...

Looks like a really fun party! Love the shirts!

The Byron Family said...

we had a great time! thanks for the invite! see you monday night!