Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little bit more...

Here she is!!! Finally a girl...
One proud daddy!
In this one she is about 20 months...finally standing on her own!  YAHOO!
MMM-HMMM! I'm pretty!
Wandering the mall, got conned into taking pictures for a free 8x10 at Kiddie Kandids...turned out to be one of my favorite pictures!  15 months old
Camping with the Faddis' almost 2 years old!  Notice the bandage on her knocked down the GARAGE stairs a few days before by the door slamming while she was on the top step.  SWEET!
Easter 2007
Just stinkin' cute!
Daddy introduces Camden to his baby sister Addy!
Aunt Beth holds her namesake, Addysen BETH...we missed Aunt Beth's birthday by 6 days...August 17th to August 23rd.
She used to lay by Baxter and tickle her face with his tail when she was tired.  We bought her stuffed animals with hairy tails to do the same thing, but they weren't ever good enough...dirty old dog tail was best.  I guess he was still a puppy at that point though...needless to say, we bathed him FREQUENTLY!
Easter 2007 again
Typical Addy
Christmas at Talking Time 2008
Taking a break from beating up on the big brothers
Pirate Party at Talking Time May 2008
Pretty Pretty Princess meets Gun Toting Gangster, Halloween 2007
She kept putting up her fists and bouncing around saying, "You wanna fight me!?!?!?"
Wicked Wicked Witch, Halloween 2008

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