Sunday, August 8, 2010

Addy Bear!

Here are some pictures of our funny little monkey!  I still just die when I see all that black curly hair...where did it all go?  She didn't lose any of it either!  Anyway, enjoy our cute little peanut!  We sure have!

About 3 months old, she was always just content as could be to lay and play. A dream baby for sure!
The year Addy turned 1 my dad sent us all of our gifts in a giant box full of peanuts.  Addy LOVED it!  What follows is so funny it couldn't have been staged.  Addy still wasn't walking, so she scooted her cute hiney to the box and pulled herself up to play.
She stood on her tiptoes to reach more peanuts inside and...
I did check to make sure she could breathe before I took the picture of her.
Happy peanut playing baby!
Happy Halloween!  14 months old
Addy refused to communicate with words, screams worked great for her, so we began to teach her sign language...this is "all done".  Isn't she CUTE!?!
Playing dress up with Emily! 
Reading and rocking...doesn't get much better than that!
Puppy Baxter...not sure she likes having a baby around!
Playing with daddy...SUCH a daddy's girl!  Forever and Always!  She and daddy have contests: who loves the other more...Addy always wins and it usually goes something like this "I love you to the moon and back 100 times and then 3 times for finitie and back AMEN!"
Cowgirlin' it up for the Round Up Days Parade and RODEO!
Turning 2!  Happy Birthday!  Just a side note, those PANTS she's wearing are 9 month sized CAPRI's...she still isn't very big.  20 pounds at 2 years old!
This is one of my very most FAVORITE pictures of Addy!  I was cleaning the house one day, marvelling at how quiet and good she was being...rounded the corner into the bathroom and found her here.  She still wasn't walking...scooting right along on her fanny.  She was such a funny kid, still is! 
Love, love, love, love, love my girl!

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we sure do love that addy bear!