Monday, August 16, 2010

Addy bear is sitting in the old gum tree...

When Addy was a baby I used to sing to her.  The tune was Kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree, but I would sing Addy bear instead of Kookaburra.  One day we were driving in the car and Addy was a screaming...she sucked her fingers rather than taking a binkie, so there was no force feeding her one to get her to settle down.  I was struggling to get her to relax and find her fingers and Holden, bless his heart, piped up, "I know what she needs!"  He reached across the car seat and started to stroke her hair and sang.
"Addy bear is sitting in the old gum tree
Merry, merry queen of the tree is she-e
Laugh Addy bear, Laugh Addy bear
Save some gum for me!"
I'll be darned, it worked like a charm.  Sweet kid that he is, he sang and sang and sang until she fell asleep.
Here are some more fun pictures of our sweet Addy bear!

Preschool graduation...our little girl grows up! She still looks SOOOO little though...
I pledge Allegiance to the flag...

Thumbs up for the bears at Bear World
Apples apples everywhere...

Happy Halloween!  Carving pumpkins 2009
Crazy Hair Day at school...staying drug free!
Getting a little sandy at Deer Creek!
Addy and Koston
Introducing TOKYO!  ( he was short lived...we soon learned we are a ONE dog family.  We were so lucky to find a wonderful family to take him for us though!  I still get emails from mom every so often with pictures...he is MUCH loved!)
Snugging up to Grandpa Jay
Summer pictures 2008 (4 years old)
Just goofing around...
Best Buddies!  Aunt Shelley and Addy!  They have girls day out every once in a while...lunch and pedicures!

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DT Young Family said...

She's such a cutie! Love seeing all her pictures. Happy Birthday Month Addy!!!