Monday, June 21, 2010

Who says you have to go anywhere????

To have some fun!?!?!? 
This last weekend Holden's Scout Camp Out was cancelled.  He had been pretty excited so he was a little bummed.  We had just barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs and were getting ready for S'mores, when Shawn had the BRILLIANT idea to get out the tent and let the kids camp out in the backyard.  They were so excited they could hardly stand it and so the FUN began...

Setting up the tent...lots of helpers...not a lot of help!
Pumping up air mattresses to sleep on...I NEVER had an air mattress...
Trying out the sleeping bags and newly pumped up air mattresses...bed time?  I could appreciate that!
This is the tent that we built...

Enjoying the camp fire...

I mentioned before that we had barbequed that night earlier.  Shawn had made really yummy hamburgers with this Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning.  They were seriously yummy!  I had made crinkle fries and salted them,  but Tyler and Shawn wanted to try the Creole seasoning...after all, it IS great on everything!
 It was good on the french fries and they seasoned them and ate them all.  While we were roasting marshmellows, they were talking about the seasoning and how the label touted that it was great on EVERYthing.  I think you can see where this is going.  Tyler got it out of the house and then they each put some on a freshly roased marshmellow.  Tyler tried a bite of his first, but decided it wasn't enough and added more...Shawn was the first one to realize that it was HOOOOOT!  He began guzzling water and then Tyler made the same realization!  Once it started to burn, Tyler began to LAUGH...all the while trying to keep from losing his marshmellow!  It was HILARIOUS!  And we all had a very good laugh over it all!

After roasting a bag of marshmellows...seriously.  The kids worked off some of that sugar high by "cliff" jumping! 
Holden looks like he's just standing on the ground,but I promise he's mid-jump!  I love my goofy kids!

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