Monday, June 21, 2010


HAPPY Father's DAY!  To all the fabulous Dad's and Men I know out there!  We celebrated in a pretty low key way this year...that makes it sound like we are usually crazy, which is untrue...
Anyway...we all got up after sleeping in and the kids were so excited for Shawn to open his presents!

They had chosen a pair of shorts, an Ipod docking alarm clock/clock radio, a GINORMOUS Nerf gun with automatic firing power, a pocket knife, and a camflage hat.

After church we all went over to celebrate at my mom and Alan's house!  It was quite the party!  Uncle Chris (my step-brother), Grandpa Great (Alan's dad), Uncle Donovan (Alan's brother), and Uncle Craig and Aunt Debbie (mom's brother and sister-in-law) all came from way up North...Ogden/ celebrate with us!  Plus Auntie Jo and Uncle John from Sandy...and the rest of us who all live closer:  Grammy and Poppy, Jon and Amylee (and Koston and Keegan), Shelley, Roxanne and Mariah, Todd, Becca and Dave (and Aiden), and US!  My mom had found goofy hats for all the men and we played a game to see how well we knew them...they had answered questions that she read the answers to and we had to guess who it was.  The hats were theirs to keep AND they got presents when we guessed right!  It was a fun day!

So after a  fun filled day...we are all gearing up for Lehi Round Up Days and the arrival of some of our favorite people around!  Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Dylan, Emily, Jayden, Austin, and baby surprise! Young!  Can't wait for the fun to continue!  YEEE-HAAAW!

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