Monday, May 31, 2010


Really quickly...and sorry no pictures, I'll get some on...I've got a ton, but that's not what this post is about.

First...Today is 8 years! Feels a little more like 28 years though :) 8 years ago today Shawn and I were married for time and eternity and I'm still ok with that decision! Over those 8 years we've added to our family...we now include Tyler (was 7 when we got married, now is 15!), Holden (was 4 when we got married, now is 12!), Cole (was 3 months when we got married, now is 8!), Camden (was a twinkle when we got married, now is 7!), and Addy (was a dream when we got married, now is almost 6!) And what joys they each are!
Second...Remembering...8 years ago tomorrow, the final Richins Family picture was taken at our reception...what a blessing we have it! It hangs on our wall, and while we are missing oodles and oodles of grandkids and is still our official family picture! We love you Grandma Jo!
A few days ago I was going through all the art projects and other projects Holden had brought home at the end of the school year. I would hold it up and ask, Keep it or toss it? And he would respond...mostly with Toss it...sometimes I agreed and sometimes I vetoed. Until I came across one project titled, Portrait of a Hero.
There was no question. This one was a keeper.
Name: Holden Richins
The reason this person is a hero to me is because: Joalene was always nice and never yelled. She also gave us cookies!
The three words that best describe this person: Happy, nice, loving
My hero has taught me that: You always need to be nice.
Third...this morning American Fork City participated in the annual Memorial Day Service to honor the men and women of the American Fork Police Department. The kids and I attended, along with some other family members (Thanks for supporting Shawn!). The service was so nice and it was so special to see these men and women honored and appreciated for the sacrifices that they make to keep us safe on the home front. The keynote speaker was a Sergeant from the Police Department, who is also in the Army. One thing that really stood out to me was this from his speech:
"Remember, we don't fight because we hate that which is in front of us...we fight because we love that which is behind us."
I just want to say...thanks for fighting.

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