Monday, May 24, 2010

A few new...

I took Addy with me to my cousin's bridal shower on Saturday, then left her there with my mom to go to a work party (Crafting!)
At the end of the shower my mom was taking things out to her car getting ready to leave.
Addy was still in the house playing. At some point she missed grandma and asked Aunt Jo, "Where's my grandma?" Aunt Jo told her that grandma was just putting things out in the car and would be back in a minute. To which Addy replied, "Well...someone is supposed to be watching me." My mom came back into the house to hear Aunt Jo calling, "I'm watching you!" again and again and Addy giggling and giggling!
Thursday Addy and the neighbor girls got into the gum in my purse and helped themselves to 3-4 pieces each. A healthy sized wad of gum.
We dropped the boys off at Karate then ran errands and headed back to the studio to meet grandma. On the way through the parking lot a HUGE gust of wind came up whipping Addy's hair everywhere. When we got inside I ran my fingers through her hair to put it back into place only to find myself stuck to...that healthy sized wad of gum...
She's now sporting a cute, but SHORT, new hair cut.
Thanks Shanalyn for fitting us in on short notice!

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Lyman said...

haha she is such a funny lil thing. It was good to see you on Saturday. I hope your craft day was a blast!