Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Proud to...

Proud to be 12 years old, ordained a Deacon, passing the Sacrament each week, and own a SUIT!
Hotcha, cha!
Proud to be learning about the Middle Ages and acting out the things being learned...

Monk Holden

Proud to have read Charles Dickens, "A Tale of Two Cities" twice! Well, skimmed once, couldn't answer the important questions, and READ it again to do the book report.

Jessi: So what was the book about?
Holden: I don't know...cutting peoples heads off?
Jessi: Ok. Why were they cutting peoples heads off?
Holden: They were traitors.
Jessi: Ok. Why did the people say they were traitors?
Holden: Ummmm. They were Jews?
Jessi: Try again.
Holden: They fought against the King?
Jessi: Try again.
Holden: I don't know.
Jessi: Ok. Who are the two main characters?
Holden: Marquis and Monseiur.
Jessi: K. Those are their titles, like Mr. or Sir, what are their names?
Holden: Good Question.
Jessi: Maybe you should READ the book.
Holden: Good idea.
After reREADing the book...
Holden: I actually liked that book! That was really cool that the people rebelled and were able to do that. It reminds me of Rome when the people rebelled. That was really cool!

Le Guillotine

His teacher was so impressed with his oral presentation and the project that she wouldn't let him take it home until she'd gotten pictures of it to use later!
Proud to be a Scottish Knight in training!

Squire Holden and his Master making his shield and sword...

Proud to be a SCOTTISH Knight of the Gordon Clan!

Last week all of the 6th grade was learning about the Middle Ages...the Thursday before he had brought home a list of things that he needed to do as a Squire to be advanced to the rank of a Knight. Things that a mother loves, things like: open doors for and pull out seats for Ladies; CHEERFULLY set the table and help the Lady of the house prepare a meal at least 3 times; remain standing until all the Ladies have been seated (mind you, these were things they had to do at school too!). He had to make a shield and sword to be knighted with, design his Manor and illustrate it, and write a one page paper on what it means to be a gentleman and knight. All of this was due BEFORE he was allowed to bring his sword and shield to school. I guess it was really spread out over about a week and a half or two by the time he was done. So while he was working on all of that...he had to go to school one day dressed as a Monk and they did Monkly activities. He also had a book report due, the genre was historical fiction. I tried my hardest to talk him out of "A Tale of Two Cities", but he was adamant. In the end it worked out, but it was pretty funny asking him questions...:)

It was a fun couple of weeks...lots of projects, for sure...but so great to see Holden get excited about them and work so hard to do a good job!

He was sure PROUD TO...

Own a SUIT to pass the Sacrament in as a Deacon

Work as a Squire to become a Scottish Knight

and put together a great book report on "A Tale of Two Cities"!

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