Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter!
I know I'm a little late, but...better late than never, right!?
Easter weekend was a fun-filled, action packed weekend! We colored eggs, made rice krispie treats in holiday shapes (the boys got out the Halloween cookie cutters too), partied with cousins, hunted for eggs, ate TONS of candy, and had a visit from the Easter Bunny!
I got pictures of most of it...as you'll see. But I forgot my camera for the Richins' party, which I wish I hadn't! We hunted eggs, ate YUMMY food, and then played Kickball! Kickball was HILARIOUS! Though, even if I'd had my camera I wouldn't have been able to document it all...so here's a run down...
Hannah kicked and missed 6 times out of 10
Jason then kicked and missed...must come from the Richins' side ;)
Hadlee ran bases with a SAGGY diaper and was SO proud!
Camden pitched and the good natured other team had to run halfway out into field to kick
Colby tripped running home and CRAWLED/SCOOTED across Home base to score
Holden tripped on his pants trying to kick the ball and fell flat on his face
Camden slipped on the plate running Home and slid across on his BACK
Grandpa got in on the action and whooped, hollered, and Harumphed his way from base to base scaring everyone on his way!
Shawn caught Coy's leg, instead of the ball, trying to get him out at Second base
and we laughed and laughed and laughed the WHOLE time!
What a blast!
So, here are some pictures from the weekend. Just our family stuff, nothing from the parties. Enjoy anyway!
Coloring eggs

yes, she is wearing a Halloween t-shirt


Will it fit!?

Hmmmm. I know I've seen this pose somewhere before...Check the archives of Camden ;)

Rice Krispie Treats (I used pink marshmellows)

Hunting for eggs and Easter Baskets

5 kids times 6 eggs each to color...you do the math...we had a TON of eggs

Found it! In the downstairs oven!
Contents: Airsoft gun, t-shirt, bubble gum tape, and CANDY!

Found it! In the downstairs kitchen!
Contents: Cowgirl skirt, t-shirt, Barbie, Bubble gum tape, and CANDY!

Found it! In the water heater closet!
Contents: Airsoft gun, pellets, t-shirt, bubble gum tape, and CANDY!

Found it! In the downstairs tub!
Contents: Airsoft gun, pellets, t-shirt, bubble gum tape, and CANDY!

Found it! In the game room closet!
Contents: Airsoft gun, t-shirt, bubble gum tape, and CANDY!

Camden's basket
The kids all needed new baskets this year and they were all too expensive and too little kiddish for the big boys, so...this year I opted for "drink bins" to use later as hampers!

Cole's basket

Holden's basket

Addy's basket

Tyler's basket

And after a rousing round of crepes for breakfast...the boys went out to test out their new hardware before Conference started! We woke them up at 7 so Shawn could be a part of the fun before crashing from working the night before. This lovely white ground cover is what we woke up to...
Happy Easter from UTAH!


DT Young Family said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe the snow!!! Thanks for sharing all the fun of the kickball game...I almost felt like I was there. :) Looks like you all had a fun Easter weekend!

Wade and Ru said...

Love the pictures of the boys all posing! Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun!