Friday, April 30, 2010

Crafting FUN!!!!

In January a lot of the ACS ladies went to Park City overnight and had a blast together! Not everyone was able to go though, so we decided to do something a little closer to home this time. We went to craft at Crafters Corner in American Fork, Utah one Saturday and had such a good time we've decited to do it EVERY month!

I've uploaded some of the pictures I took while we were there crafting and some of the finished projects. If you want to see more...check out their blog too!
Annie with her finished project! Didn't she do a great job!
Everyone working away...You come and craft and clean up! It's FABULOUS!

Celia and Denise crafting away! All the ribbon, wire, paint, paper, everything you could need is right there for you to use...or not use!

Danielle and Tina getting ready to many colors to choose from...

Clare and Celia getting started...Clare started with the letters for McKenna's baby, "Lainey"

Teresa, Annie, and Celia
One of the owners was there getting ready for Good Things Utah on Monday and she came in and helped us out tons! She took pictures keep checking their blog!

Cil was SO excited! She did the CUTEST USA hanging thing! Way to get crafty Cil!

Amanda and Shelley (my sister)...they did SUMMER...the U was a slice of watermelon! So CUTE!

Everybody! Danielle, Clare, Celia, Shelley, Amanda, Annie, and Teresa

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