Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's a story...

To the tune of "The Brady Bunch"

Here's a story
of two Crazy boys...
who were born
to two different moms!
Cam is seven,
Cole is eight.
all I have to say...
Its obvious
they are a family!
Some people
may not understand,
but if you ask them,
they will tell you,
they'll give you a hand.

First is Kar
she has Cole,
and to Cam she is a second mom.
Then there's Jessi,
who has Camden
and loves her Colie,
her other son!

All together
there's parents three,
for we also have Shawn, one dad
And the best part, you see
is together
we make
a happy family!
It's Cam and Colie
It's Cam and Colie
hey are how we became a family!
And we're happy,
all of us together...
We are a family!

I don't think it quite worked like I'd hoped, but you should get the general idea...we've taken "brother from another mother" to a whole OTHER level. And the best part is that it WORKS!
No one on this planet can use any amount of coercion, convincing, or logic to talk them out of their brotherhood. And I LOVE it! I love them!
So there you go...enjoy two of the CUTEST boys you'll ever have the good fortune to meet, know, or just stumble across!

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