Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello again...hello...

This post is mostly about Camden, but I've found some more pictures of Holden and couldn't resist...besides, he didn't get the spotlight he enjoy pictures of these STINKING cute boys!

I love it! Even after all his complaining about getting a sister, he loved to sit and hold her...

My 1st Halloween!

Some of the bunch! Xander, Emily, and Camden

Lehi Round Up Parade! What a munchkin he was!

Look how cute! 2005, 7 years old

one DIRTY face...the time before grass...
Holden graduates Kindergarten! Um...he's getting ready to go to JR HIGH next did this happen?

Ah! Playing with Aunt Tiffy's bunny

Far exceeding the weight and age limit...

Practicing a somersault with dad...14 months old

The bouncer we pulled out for Addy quickly became Camden's "recliner" to watch the Wiggles in...I really don't think Addy ever spent time in it...good thing Tiff wasn't using hers...

Grandma, Camden, and Baby Addy

These two thought this bassinet was THE coolest thing! If we'd let them, they would have taken this over too! :)

One of the disadvantages of finishing your basement...dust covered kids!


4th of July 2004...I just love him!

Sunning in the yard!
Relaxing with buds!

and Kissin' Cousins!

Mr. INcredible himself

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DT Young Family said...

Cute pictures! Brings back so many memories! We love you, Camden!