Sunday, March 14, 2010

Colie Olie Olie...

Ok, ok, I know this cute little monkey isn't technically mine...but you'd have a hard time convincing anyone of us that doesn't fully belong. He has been a part of our family since the very beginning and we've love him like he is ours! It's not just Colie that we love, though, it's also all the wonderful people he brings with him...Karalee! Grandma Ellen and Granpa Steve! Shenagh, Jody, Meghan and Cody! Greg, Holly, Lula, and Ella! Wade, Ruth, Alexa and Kellan! We love them all...but we love Colie best! (Sorry everyone...)
So enjoy a quick peak at Colie Olie over the years...We've sure enjoyed him!

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

Yeah, I know I'm cute.

The infamous bear paw slippers...notice the well worn bottoms...

Thomas the Tank Engine Lego train set...we like to start 'em early on legos...

Picasso in the tub
Nothing quite like a batter covered beater!

Carrots and Ranch...mmm-mmm-good!

Big brother Cole! I think I might like this baby!
Dinosaur museum
AF City Steel Days Carnival!
Annual pictures...truly I think since they were 1 and 2, either Karalee or I have taken or had one taken of the two of them together...

6 years old

A hunting we will go...

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