Friday, March 12, 2010

Cam THE Man!

Ok, it's nearly the middle of March so here he of the STARS (Cole's turn is next)! My Cam the Man! He is beyond a doubt one of the most tender, loving, sweetheart of a kid I have ever known. I just can't imagine life without him! When I think of Camden though, I think of so many other things...Like how much he and Cole are brothers...right from the beginning. As I searched for pictures of Camden, almost always there was Cole too...arms around each other...goofy grins! Or much she and Camden love each close they lucky I feel to have had the chance for them to become so close! Or Xander, Sam, and Rayne! And how the 5 of them are so close and what fun it has been to have them all be so close! Camden is such a blessing for our part because of the other sweet spirits he has brought with him!
Kindergarten Christmas Concert...I was right there, but he WOULD NOT look at me...only his teacher...such an obedient kid!

Happy Halloween 2008!

Itty Bitty Football!

Two tigers loose at the Zoo!

Halloween in PRESCHOOL with all THE cousins! What a FUN year! Really, I am so glad they were able to go to preschool together and spend that whole year with one another. What an experience...and something that will never happen again. I'm glad he has that memory and the bonds with his cousins. What a lucky kid!

There are NO words...I'm just glad I got a picture. This is proof positive that they were twins separated at birth by a year, who came to different's in their MAKE UP! We just can't help it...

Halloween 2006!
Those cheeks just never did go away...

I could just squeeze him!

2 year old 1/Parents 0...welcome home Baxter!
Takes after daddy...gotta have me a Harley!

I just don't know...
Round up Parade and Otter Pops from Papa Jay...oh the memories!
What is there to say...except...seriously? How stinking cute are they!?!?!?

Happy Halloween! 2005

Broken arm...Swelling finally went down enough to cast it! Fun Get Well balloon from one of his favorite girls...Macey! (notice the white thing hanging from his hand...remember his "baby"?)

Still too swollen to cast...splint only...and again, the "baby"!

Just home from the Emergency splint, sling, and a favorite new stuffed animal from the nurses!

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