Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I am an entirely pathetic excuse for a fabulous idea of dedicating each child's birthday month to them lasted all of...1 month! Sweet!
As the end of January rapidly approaches (what happened to December?) I realize that Holden's birth month has come AND
So, February is now dedicated to my 12 year old!
Let me begin by saying I cannot believe, let alone stand, the fact that this sweet boy is 12.
I first met Holden when he was 3...he was the tiniest, cutest, sweetest thing! He actually didn't speak to me for quite a while after Shawn and I began dating...mostly he would go get his noisy gun, stand in the doorway, and shoot...that doesn't mean anything though, right!?! :)
It didn't take long at all for him to win my heart!
As Shawn used to say, "Holden packs"...and it was true! Holden was so small that it was a piece of cake to pick him up and tote him where ever you needed to go.
He is so easy going, always was, probably always will be. Not a lot gets to this kid.
Some of my FAVORITE Holden moments:
When he was little little, during the Olympics, Kar and Shawn were both working a TON, so I had the munchkin. He was sleeping in bed with me and rolled over right before he nodded off, threw his arm around my neck, nuzzled right in and said, "Jessi, I love you" Dang, still brings tears...what a night.
When I was pregnant with Camden, Holden asked me, "Is the baby going to be part of our family?" I replied that he was, this would be another little brother. Holden thought for a minute, then very seriously said, "Good. Then Cole can have his own cousin too." Because the other cousins were ONLY Holden's!
Also pregnant with Camden, I was taking Holden to Preschool and from the back seat he asks, "Did you and dad have sex to have a boy? And did you have it 6 times? Tyler says you have to have sex 6 times to have a boy." SCREEEEEEECH! I nearly ran the car off the road...This is when Holden learned about chromosomes (Heavenly Father sends babies to our family, was met with "Jessi, just tell me the truth"
Cut to, pregnant with Addy, just found out...YAY! It's a girl! Holden didn't share our joy, however. He responded to the "good" news by dropping to the floor, covering his face with his hands, writhing around, and yelling, "DAD!!!Why didn't you just give Jessi an O chromosome? Why did you have to give her and X? DAD!!!!!" (I told him right (X/Y), he just remembered tic tac toe I guess).
When Grandpa Steve retired, Holden asked him what he was going to do now that he was RETARDED. hehehehehe
The summer after we got married, I had taken HOlden with me to my grandparents, Holden had wandered outside and found Pops. I went out to find him to leave and saw my grandpa mowing the lawn with Holden on his lap...asleep. 2 of my favorite men!
The kids came home from school last Friday with tickets to the Utah Flash game that night. They wanted to go, so we did. At the game Camden and Cole both wanted the foam fingers and I was too cheap to buy them. After a minute Holden leaned over and asked me how much they were...I grudgingly told him, knowing he had his own money and if he got himself one, I would end up getting the little boys one too. He looked into his wallet, got up and headed to the souveneir stand. When he came back he had THREE foam fingers in his hands...What a kid! How do you not fall in love with him!?
When Holden was little little, we had gone up to visit my mom in SLC. My great Aunt Beth lived downstairs at the time. When it was time to go I couldn't find Holden. I went down to ask Beth if she had seen him and found him sitting at her feet on the floor...talking away. I sent him upstairs to get his shoes and told Aunt Beth thanks for keeping track of him. She replied, "Oh Honey...he is such a sweetheart. He has been talking to me for over an hour...but I didn't understand one word. I think he was telling me about deer?"
I have counted my blessings a lot over the last few months...thought a lot about what I have and how much there is to be grateful for...Holden is at the top of my list. I know it's crazy, considering there isn't any of my "blood" in this boy, but he reminds me of me. My mom laughs all the time, telling me, "who knew your "payback" would come by Holden". True story.
He LOVES to read...and has begun to read the books that Shawn and I are reading! He does not love math...mostly because he doesn't like to show his work...takes too long and 9 times out of 10 he gets the right answer in his head! He has such potential to do incredible things...he is so mechanically minded and can figure things out so easily...but loves to sing and so enjoys choir. What a sweet, hard headed, HILARIOUS, adorable, charming, intelligent, compassionate, and VERSATILE kid!
And what an incredibly LUCKY mom!


Shantel Richins said...

AWW! Jessi you are so sweet! Make sure Holden reads this, he is such an awesome kid. I love him to death!

DT Young Family said...

I loved reading all those stories of Holden. We love you, Holden!!!