Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, December is here...Christmas is nearly looks like we are having a White Christmas this year...we've had our fair share of colds, ear infections, coughs, etc...and are still standing...

It seems that I've missed a few important posts here on the blog though...Halloween, Tyler's Birthday PARTY...and other fun, and funny things...They are coming.

Right now everyone is healthy, happy, and doing well. Camden is getting his Blue belt in Karate next week, but is more excited that his friend Dalton is signing up too and that the Karate Christmas party is fast approaching! Addy is enjoying Kindergarten, except when there is a sub, as there was today...thank goodness she (the sub) had long legs and made the trip across the room before Addy was in full blown tears! All she wants for Christmas this year is a Barbie (another one) and a baby doll (ANOTHER one). Holden is gearing up for his Christmas Choir Concert...practices every morning or afternoon this week. He LOVES it though, so it's worth making the extra runs to the school to drop him off or pick him up. Tyler is an absolute 15 year old! He is funny, smart, and a teen...He is currently reading the Hunger Games, the book that my neighbor recommended for ME. Stinker. Shawn just rotated to the Swing Shift at work, this is his first week. Now begins the missing of parties, activities, and many other things. At least it doesn't last forever. And me? I changed my hours to work with Shawn's shift, so I am doing 2 afternoon/evenings and 2 days. It's a toss up which I like better. Ok, I do enjoy being home with the kids in the evening...I think Shawn enjoys me being home in the evening with the kids too ;)

That's it for now...but I'm getting on tonight or tomorrow...or sometime soon to add pictures, talk about Halloween and fun things like that!

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