Friday, November 13, 2009

Tyler in Review...

So, I have all these super cute pictures of Tyler when he was little...chubby cheeks, blonde, blonde hair...he used to swing his arms and go with such determination...playing with the goats...sitting with dad...holding his Harley jacket and gear...sitting ON the Harley...and I can't get my scanner to scan and put them on the computer and I can't find the software anymore to fix it! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!
I guess I will have to settle for the pictures I have digitally accessible...just know, Tyler was one FREAKING CUTE KID!
And he still is!
Tyler...15 years old...Isn't he GREAT!?!?!? We sure think so!


Hanging around...

Monkeying around...

Bear World

All his favorite cousins...over 10 anyway!

Helping Camden learn to ride his bike...

Oh SO cool!

Leave me to my music...Christmas a new Ipod

Christmas 2008

13th Birthday 2007

Who knows...but they had a BLAST!

Got me a bird! This one is stuffed in his room...

Playing in the lake...Deer Creek

Turkey Hunting

Hunting for real!

Sighting in my shotgun?

Fighting for King of the Hill...

Long jump?

Easter fun!

Hunting Pheasants...

Caught one! Let the Hunting begin!

As I went through all the pictures I have on the computer of Ty, I began to feel so nostalgic...memories of this and that came flooding back. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for this boy in my life. Our family is only complete with him in it. How lucky I feel to have him as an example for his brothers and sister. I sure love this kid!

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tyler said...

thanks jess you are the best