Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time flies!

Last night I printed the new pictures of the kids on just regular paper so that I could have them up. They were too cute for me, I had to have them out where I could look at them again and again, even while I wait to the get the OFFICIAL prints.

Anyway, I had the kids frames off the wall and was putting in the new pictures. I have all the old pictures still in the frame behind. I LOVE to look at them all when I replace them because it never ceases to amaze me how much time has passed.
It was so fun, I would show all the kids and Shawn each picture. Addy especially enjoyed it! But it made me wish so much, that I could get my scanner to work. The pictures of Tyler and Holden were just priceless!
When he was little, he would scrunch up his shoulders and grin this super big cheesy grin! I LOVED it! Our very first family pictures he would giggle and giggle. I knew then that this was absolutely my family...that those big boys weren't just big boys...they were MY boys!
His 8 year pictures he looked so grown much more mature and big than in the years past. It still is one of my absolute FAVORITES!
Then when he was 9 he got glasses and looked so distinguished...what a boy!
Playing in the water at Deer Creek...he, Shawn, Holden, and Jon had a HUGE mud fight! They were COVERED in mud!
Riding on the tube...we had to pay him to get him on it, but then he wouldn't get off! Shooting...always grandpa Steve's, out west at Pecks'...wherever we could!
Easter pictures...Christmas pictures...getting his first REAL gun...riding bikes...playing games...wrestling...etc. SO MANY things I have pictures much time documented!
I wish, I wish, I wish! I wish you could truly remember the way I do when I see those pictures...

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