Saturday, November 14, 2009


I did pictures of my kids and Shantel, Jenna, Sierra, and Huntlie last Sunday afternoon. We took them behind the Old Train Museum on State Street! They turned out so cute! When the kids all started getting out of the car, I realized that the girls and my kids all MATCHED, so we did some shots of all of them together...couldn't resist! They were all so cute I had to share a few!
Matching without even trying! What a family! ;)
Between shots the kids were horsing around on the trains, climbing and goofing off. I do love a good candid shot!

My sweet, sweet, adorable kids!

I LOVE Tyler's face in this one! HEHEHEHEHE!

The boys!

Tyler...15 years old

Holden...12 years old (almost, in January)

Cole...7 years old

The monkeys...

Camden...6 years old

Addy...5 years old


Anthony & Linds said...

OMGOODNESS! They turned out so cute!

DT Young Family said...

What cute nieces and nephews I have!!! Love all the pics. Can you come to AZ now and take some of mine? :)