Sunday, November 1, 2009

Background change...

So, it's November 1st. A few things come to mind whenever November begins:
1. Christmas is around the corner
2. Time to REALLY put away all the summer stuff
3. Kids really need snow boots again
4. mmm...soup
5. Turkey dinner
6. We all miss Mama Jo
7. the anniversary of when I first went out with Shawn
8. TYLER!!!!!
I can hardly believe boy is going to be 15 years old! So, in honor of my eldest child, I am devoting the background this month to him...I tried to find a Green Bay Packers background, but all the green and yellow were too springy or too girly.
To kick it are a few fabulous tidbits about this oldest son:
1. He is getting straight A's in 9th grade, even with multiple Honors and AP classes
2. As a young boy he used to tell Shawn and I that he was going to buy acres and acres of land and start a reptile farm
3. He is patient and funny
4. He can play nearly any sport he chooses with skill and ease
5. He loves to hunt and has shot more animals than his dad!
Most importantly...he completes our family in a way that only he can!
Through out the month I will be spotlighting my favorite almost 15 year old. So check back often! I do love my boy!


DT Young Family said...

We love you, Tyler!

tyler said...

thanks i love you all too