Monday, October 12, 2009


I wish I had taken a picture because she looked so funny! Her whole face from her nose down was BLACK!
Shawn has been hunting again this last weekend. He got home today and his number 1 fan became his little shadow. :) She helped him unload, unpack, wash off the truck and do the general clean up. When he got in the shower he put on a cartoon and sat her on our bed to watch. He also left the newly opened bag of Oreos on the counter in the kitchen.
While he showered and I got ready for work, she systematically worked her way through the WHOLE bag! Here's the thing though...when Shawn put the package back in the was full of cookies still.
Fast forward to about 2 hours later...after dinner and Shawn is looking for some sugary treat. Pan to pantry door opening and light shining on package of Oreos...YES!
Opening the package Shawn grabs a few cookies...hmmm they feel a little thin...Jessi must be buying the fat-free Oreos now. Need to talk to her about that...
Looking a little closer Shawn realizes something...Jessi DIDN'T buy the fat-free Oreos...his favorite daughter had, one by one, split the Oreos apart...licked ALL the ICING out...and PUT THE COOKIES BACK TOGETHER!
Like I said, her face was BLACK! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

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DT Young Family said...

That is so dang funny! Cute Little Addy the cookie monster!