Friday, October 23, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!

Carving pumpkins! Happy Halloween!
Friday night we had all the kids and decided it was a great time to carve pumpkins. What follows is mostly just pictures, they speak for themselves. But before you join the fun, a few points of interest...
1. Tyler and Holden were too "grossed out" again to gut their own pumpkins! Let the record show that this the 8th year I have gutted them...
2. While Tyler was trying to gut his pumpkin, he took one small handful and regurgitated his recently eaten Kit Kat bar...Seriously!
3. While my 15 and 12 year old were whining and "grossed out" by the gutting process, the 7, 6, and 5 year olds were thrilled! :)
K, so Cole took FOREVER to gut and carve his pumpkin...when he was finally done gutting it, I peeked inside. I about died. He had meticulously scraped EVERY last string and blemish from the inside of his pumpkin! I took the picture, but it doesn't do it justice. I have never seen a pumpkin so gut-free! What a kid! Ya just gotta love him!

She really does have a knife in her hand.

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Anthony & Linds said...

haha, looks like so much fun! Miss ya!