Saturday, September 5, 2009

Indian Summer Fun...

This week began with a very sad event. We lost our Aunt was bittersweet, she had been so sick for the last 3 years that it was a relief to see her pain end, but it was so sad to have to say goodbye. Doris was one of the sweetest women I have ever known. She will be missed by everyone who had the joy of knowing her. Some of our fondest memories are of visiting her and watching all the Round-Up Days Parades on her front lawn and full sized candy bars that she handed out for Halloween. She was so proud of her family and was ready to share news and stories about every child, grandchild, or great grandchild. While it was a sad day, it was so fun to hear stories about she and Clyde. Things we never knew about her were shared. What an incredible woman! How lucky we have been to share in her life.

After a sorrow-filled day, where many of the thoughts went from Doris to Grandma Jo, it was good to be together as a family. It was truly a celebration of the things that both Aunt Doris and Grandma Jo held most dear...children and grandchildren!

What follows are pictures from the wonderfully fun evening spent with family!

Camden, Sam, and Xander burning off a little energy...BOYS!

Cole giving Jayden some love! He was so excited that Jayden and Emily were in town! Colie LOVES his cousins!

Bryton and Hadlee swinging!

SO many monkeys jumping on the tramp!
Camden (blue), Sam (gray), Jayden (yellow), Cole (white), Xander(red), and Addy (black)

Grandpa, Grandma and two of the cutest babies in the WORLD!
Grandpa and Austin and Grandma and Carson

Tug o' War
Jayden and Bryton

More jumpin' around...Just the boys

Addy giving grandma, grandpa and the babies a good push

All the old farts just hanging out...
Uncle Colby, Aunt Missy (and Briggs), Uncle Gordon and Uncle Jason

Please mom! Come play! Mr. Briggsy wasn't so sure about all the strangers (hello, isn't that a GREAT reason to move back to Utah?)

Even Addy got into the wresting stuff...

The backyard version of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge...Let the wresting begin!
After all the running around and playing, we started a fire and enjoyed ourselves...

Roasing marshmellows
Spencer and Sam

Grandma, Grandpa, Spencer, Cole, Sam, Huntlie, and Emily

Uncle Gordon and Grandma chit chatting...Grandpa was the Marshmellow Master

Shantel and Aunt Tiffany missing their men :)

Uncle Jason, Uncle Gordon, Shantel, Grandma, and Aunt Natalie

Uncle Colby and Hadlee, Uncle Jason, Uncle Gordon, and I think that's Sam in the jacket

More marshmellows...we went through 2 full bags! Thanks Grandpa!

Addy lovin' on Papa Jay

Sweet Emily...have I mentioned we miss our out of town families?
After the fire burned itself out...some of our tired cousins went home, but a few of us had some more fun in mind!
Aunt Missy, Briggs, Austin and Aunt Tiffy playing with Potty Time Elmo. SHHH! Don't tell, but Aunt Missy still isn't trained...Aunt Tiffy thought Elmo might help :)

The big kids, Syd, Holden and Huntlie spent the evening watching funny videos on Youtube...

While the younger kids watched Hotel for Dogs!
Emily and Addy

Xander, Jayden, and Camden

My kids were so excited that Xander and Sydney and Emmy and Jayden were coming into town, they waited outside for an hour before the cousins began to arrive. It was all I could do to get them to eat dinner! How grateful I am to have such great family on both sides! It is a blessing to know that some of my kids best friends are their cousins...and that MOST of them live so close by! Things just doesn't get any better than that...

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