Saturday, September 5, 2009

Addy goes to SCHOOL!'s finally happened! Our baby has gone to KINDERGARTEN! I can hardly believe it. She has Mrs. Kendall this year, we are very excited. Addy LOVES school, she is so happy every morning to be able to go with the boys that she hardly even complains when I do her hair...pretty amazing! She has lots of friends in her class, including a little boy named Xander. Addy is careful to remind us though, "it's not my cousin's another Xander. There's 2!" Lest we be confused!

Here she is in all her 1st day glory!


DT Young Family said...

Yay! Addy is in K! She's such a cutie. I LOVED her phone call.

Wade, Ru, and Alexa said...

Did you cry? Cause I sure did :)