Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Summer!

I'm trying to upload pictures of Bear World and Deer Creek, but can't get the photos uploaded. I'm working on it though. I will also get pictures of Oak City Days too!
We went to Oak City Days last weekend and had an absolute blast with the whole family! Shenagh wasn't going to come down, but changed her mind and did at the last minute. It was such a PARTY. The kids played with each other, watched mud volleyball, played games, ate good food, loved on grandma and grandpa and caught some fish. Bless Uncle Jody, he taught them all the "scoop and toss" technique and it worked like a charm. THe kids all caught a fish and were HAPPY! Camden named his Rocky...Rocky has been laid to rest in our freezer. Fish anyone?
Deer Creek was a great time too! Every year my aunt and uncle rent wave runners and we all head to the lake for the day. Shawn had to cut out early because he had to work that night, but the kids and I stayed and played. They had a blast riding tubes and wave runners and boats, got TONS of sun and sand, and just wore themselves right out. It was great day filled with fun, family and SUN!
So that leaves Bear World...holy cow! What a day! It was hot and we were tired, but the bears put on a great show! As luck would have it, the day we were there the guided truck tour was half off, so we drove through in our truck AND did the tour where we got to feed the bears. They were so funny! The kids had a blast and loved it all. We rode the rides, they were a little cheesy, but fun all the same. Cousins make everything more fun! And went through the petting zoo...even saw mice hiding in the fish food dispenser. Don't worry. I took pictures of them.
We went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens yesterday with my mom, Alan, Becca and Aiden for the Chronicles of Narnia festivities. We picniced in the park and then wandered and wandered. The kids all loved the Secret Garden and Holden let us know his reception would be held there! Addy was mildly disappointed that the horses on the carousel were plants, not actual carousel horses...but other than that. What a great time!
All in all, it's been one heck of a summer!

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