Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Update...

Ok, so I'm starting to stink at blogging already. Problem is...my work schedule that was supposed to be great for the summer has turned out to be not so great. Good thing summer is almost officially over. I can get back to the schedule where I actually have time for life.

Anyway, I was reading everyone else's cute blogs and began to feel like a bad mom, bad blogger, wife, etc. It's been a heck of a weekend. So, I thought I'd soothe my blogging conscience by posting a quick update.

We've been busy!

Since I posted last we have done swimming lessons (much to Holden's chagrin)...Camden and Holden did great! Addy had a hard time, she's just not a water kid, but she pressed on, I was proud of her for doing everything, at least trying! :) We've started Karate and will be starting Dance and Fencing in September. Camden LOVES to fight/wrestle. He is in Karate now and his instructor LOVES him. He tells me every week, "He is a scrapper! He is going to do well if he keeps at it." Uncle Wade is pretty sure this ability comes through the Allred line...I'm inclined to agree. ;) Holden starts Fencing and Addy starts Dance in September, both are way excited. I'm excited we finally found something Holden wants to do. It's time for him to have an interest! Cole started Karate with Camden last week, this week will be his 2nd time. I hope he sticks with it too.

We also went to Yellowstone with Mike, Paula and all the girls (I can't bring myself to refer to them as anything else) and Grandpa Jay and Annette. We had a great time! The kids LOVED having cousins to play with and Huntlie quickly became my favorite niece! She let Addy drag her everywhere and never refused or complianed! Talk about a great kid! The cabin we stayed in was so nice! I was a little worried when we drove past some double wide trailers with carports...but we lucked out. There was plenty of space, running water, a fabulous kitchen, a shower, and a little creek right out front for us to play in.

We have been able to watch baby Lula a few times for Aunt Holly this summer and have loved having her. We also went to the lake for the day and got to catch up on our missed baby Aiden time. I can't believe he's coming up on 1 year. It's killing me!

We cut Addy's hair, it's short and DARLING! Cam wanted to let his grow, so we did, and I love it and now he wants to cut it...can't win. We inherited a new dog, Tokyo...we had a rough start, but we are all getting used to one another now. Aunt Shelley bought a condo so she will be moving in the next few weeks...that one is bitter sweet...much like having Tiff leave. I miss my sisters!

We've been to the pool a few times...not nearly as much as I wanted, but...I got passes to the mid-day matinee and it's been fun to go with Grandma and "Miah" every Thursday! They were oldies, but goodies. I really don't think the kids care what hte movie is, it's the theatre popcorn and seats that have the appeal. ;)

And somewhere in there we got great news that my good friend Michelle is cancer free for a whole year...no more radiation for her! WHOOHOO! We celebrated for a good hour before the news came that Poppy has 2 massive tumors himself. So a little happy and a little sad. We're still waiting on the decisions for him...

AHHH! I almost forgot, though I'm not sure how! We all have had the flu! Addy was sick Saturday and Sunday, then I was sick Sunday and Monday, and Shawn was sick Monday and Tuesday! Good grief. So far its just the 3 of us that have gotten it.

Thank goodness, Karalee took all the boys (Tyler to Camden) to Oak City to visit Grandpa Steve and Grandma Ellen. Bless his heart, Grandpa Steve sent me ANOTHER fabulous gift bringing the gift tally to:

A fox skull (prominently displayed in my basement)
A bull horn (prominently displayed in my basement)
A SCHLACKED TOAD ON A LOG! (prominently displayed in Camden's room) Tyler and Holden told me that Grandma had actually mentioned it to Grandpa, I think to have him get rid of it and, this is a quote from Holden, "You could see the twinkle in his eye as he got the idea!" How lucky am I!?!

I don't know where he gets these great gift ideas, but I'm shopping with him this Christmas! ;)

Ok, I feel better, we've had a crazy good summer...we've been running like mad and done more than I'd remembered in the beginning! Thanks for being a good audience and listening to me vent...

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DT Young Family said...

I'm so HAPPY to finally get an update about ya'll! You have been busy. I saw Addy's hair in some of Shantel's pics...so cute! I'm sorry to hear about Poppy. Keep us posted.

Good luck with school starting soon! Wow, all of them this year. Crazy!!

And our next trip will have to be to Utah. We miss all of you!