Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Remembrance of...

This Memorial Day we went to the Lehi Cemetary to take flowers up for Grandma Jo. Shawn had transplanted one of her Iris plants in our yard and it is beautiful. We cut our own Irises for her and took them up with the kids. While we were there, Tyler and Holden started to reminisce about Grandma...I encouraged it because I want Camden and Addy to know her too. Tyler remembered how she always was so excited to see him, always had a hug for him, and how he always felt happy when he was around her. Holden remembered her mask...and how funny she was in it. He talked all about the song and dance she and the brothers had done at our wedding...."Oh Shawnie Boy!" We were able to show Camden how his middle name is after Grandma and how they are spelled the same. He was pretty happy about that. Addy kept telling us that she missed Grandma.

While we were at the cemetary Shawn was able to tell the kids all about Grandma and Grandpa Gordon and the brothers and sisters who were lost as young children. Each of the kids formed an attachment for one and we ended up going home, gathering things for Grandma's brother and sisters, and visiting their graves again. It was really neat to see the kids so interested in Grandma and relatives they never had the chance to know. I am so glad that we were able to do it as a family this year and take the time to share stories about each family member.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at my mom's house. We celebrated Aunt Roxanne, Aunt Becca's and Nora's birthdays! Cake all around! Grandma talked about her brother, Uncle Steve and we were able to talk to our kids about him and what kind of a man he was. It was kind of emotional, it's been a while since any of us had brought him up. My cousins were with us too, Mikey and Erin (almost like another brother and sister to me), so it was especially nice. I think next year I'll make sure to go visit Stevie too...
On Monday afternoon we had a happenin' BBQ with both Shawn's family (those still in Utah anyway) and my family. We had a pretty good time until I made the mistake of helping my nephew Koston fill his water gun'd think I'd learn. So, I'm walking with Koston to the pool and WHAM! I'm hit from the front, back and both sides. No dummy, I ran for the hose behind the was a recipe for wet. Mike dumped the ICE COLD pitchers of water on me...twice. Shawn threw me in the pool. Dave and Shawn went toe to toe and hose to hose. Jonny slipped on the wet grass and broke the pitcher he was using to get Mike...and the kids? Oh the kids were right in the middle of it all! My sister, Becca, took some great wet t-shirt pictures, I'll get a copy from her...her blog is private, otherwise I'd send you all that way.

After we all dried off...sort of...we played Catch Phrase (thanks Shantel!) and had a BLAST! Hannah was HILARIOUS! We laughed and laughed. It was such a good time! I am glad that both of our families are so willing to mix and mingle and just be one BIG, happy family. I truly lucked out in the in-law department!

Playing Catch Phrase...

Aunt Shelley in pink (with Tokyo), Jenna in ponytail, Aunt Paula, Hannah, Aunt Natalie, and Aunt Kaisa in black.

Cousin Mike in plaid shorts, Uncle Jonny in brown shirt, Aunt Amylee in blue, Holden, and Shantel

Aunt Natalie in pink shirt, Aunt Kaisa in black, Shantel, Holden and a little bit of Aunt Amylee

Aunt Becca and Sweet baby Aiden, Uncle Dave, and Grandma Peg

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