Saturday, June 6, 2009


This has been a big post day, so keep scrolling down! You don't want to miss any of our exciting happenings. Ok, admittedly, they are probably only exciting to us. But still!
So, you all know that for a long, long, long time my mom was single. We didn't feel it much growing up, she was amazing and we had very loving grandparents who allowed us to share their home. Nonetheless, she was single and carried the weight of raising three children without a spouse, enough money, or support. I've always been so proud of her, I know that I am the person I am because she was willing to make the sacrifices she did for her family. Thank goodness!
Now, you all also know that just last July my mom married and incredible man! I knew all along that he was amazing, he'd have to be to even get a second date. I was thrilled to see my mom happy and know that she had someone to love and support her (and he does!) I was excited to extend our family to include his wonderful children, gain nieces and nephews, and enjoy all that entails. I knew that family gatherings would be more crowded (in a good way). I knew that they would probably be selling both houses and moving. I knew a lot of things. What I didn't know, or was not prepared for, was the change in my mom.
I have never considered my mom to be sad, depressed, or unhappy. She has always been very positive. "Look at it as a great new adventure," she used to tell us. "Life is just a series of adventures." She was always just a little reserved, though. Hung back just a little. Didn't ever want the attention (we about gave her a heart attack one year when we had a surprise bithday party). So imagine my surprise when Becca whispered in my ear, "You have got to see this! Your mom is jumping on the tramp."
Alan, this is all your fault!
The gymnast in grandma is resurfacing! Jumping with Camden and Sam.

Trying to "crack the eggs!"

Now it's the boys turn to "crack Grandma!"

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