Saturday, June 6, 2009

The ending of an era

Another big day! Addy graduated from Preschool! Holy cow...I've always dreamed of the day when all my kids would be in school. I really didn't think it would come this soon. I wasn't able to be there, with the holiday the day before (graduation was May 26) and being off work, I was booked solid and wasn't able to find a substitute for my classes that night. Daddy did a great job getting pictures though, and Grandma filled in! She was pretty proud of her graduation. Uncle Jonny graduated that Saturday, just a few days later, and she was very excited to attend his! I think she was a little disappointed by the lack of songs...they didn't even do the Alphabet!

Look at all the graduates!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."

The happy graduate, daddy, and Camden!

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DT Young Family said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe she'll be a kindergartener!