Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hope of America!

Holden got the opportunity tonight to participate in the Hope of America, part of the Freedom Festival. He was way excited about it and has been practicing for months. It was a HUGE thing! I have video of some of the songs, I'm trying to get them to upload. It was a really neat program, tons of people, congestion, and traffic, but really neat. I cried through most of it...a combination of being grateful for this amazing country that we live in; gratitude to the men and women of the armed forces who defend our freedom; and absolute PRIDE in the fact that I am the mom of the COOLEST and BEST 11 year old around!
There were so many participants this year they had to do 2 performances! All total there were 7,300 students who volunteered to be a part of it. The kids all wore red, white, blue, and yellow t-shirts and made the flag you see there. There were mini trampolines on the ground and kids were jumping on them during some of the songs. I know you can't see, but Holden is 4 rows back on the very far right side and then 7 people in. We found him with binoculars, but we were in the nosebleeds...
Lots of kids, lots of parents, right?
The last song of the night, they turned off the lights and all the kids had flashlights! The picture doesn't do it justic, it was pretty cool!

Sierra was by far the best, she had the edge, she'd performed herself in last years program. Grandma Annette kept up pretty well though! Grandpa was more interested in the program...

At the very far left is Grandma Peg, she had a great time...she and Grandpa Alan! Addy, in pink on dad's lap, was practicing for the wave. Sierra and Grandma Annette were concentrating on getting their moves down!

We were participating here...doing the actions along with the kids. At the very far left in the black shirt is Colie Olie. Karalee next to him with her arms up, she's getting into it! Camden is in the brown, he was having a blast. Aunt Shelley in the denim, she was busy taking pictures.
Missing in Action is Aunt Becca and little Aiden...Aiden didn't care much for the noise, so they watched from the portal we were sitting above.


DT Young Family said...

Looks like a great program and that everyone had a great time! What an amazing group of ladies. Great job, Holden!

The Byron Family said...

that was an awsome program! holden did great! thanks for inviting us!