Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gearing up for Summer!

So, we're counting down the days least the kids are! We've got one full week of school, this week, then next week is only 3 and a half days long...It was nice and toasty today in Utah, 85 degrees on the way to church and it's only getting hotter! Camden got a wiggly sprinkler from the Easter Bunny and we got that out Friday afternoon. The kids had a blast...the whole neighborhood had a blast. They played musical sprinklers, about 4 of the neighbors had them out and the kids just made the rounds.

We're starting all sorts of fun things this week: Camden and Addy are both starting karate and Holden is starting Fencing (with a sword). They are all so excited about it they've told everyone they see. I'm insisting on swimming lessons this year too.

So, I did a Zumba class on Saturday...the Utah County Domestic Violence Coalition had a Zumba party and, seeing as I'm a member, I went down. I've heard of them, but haven't ever attended one. It KICKED my butt! Holy cow! I am so sore today, even the backs of my knees hurt...have you ever had the backs of your knees hurt? OI VEI! It was such a blast though! There is one in Lehi and I'm signing up. I absolutely LOVED it! We went for an hour and a half and I seriously didn't even notice the time...other than I was dead tired at the end. If you want to take the class with me, let me know! I'm doing the Thursday class and I believe it's at 8 or 830pm. The classes are $5 each or $30 for 10 classes. I won't be able to start until June, when my schedule changes, but, come on...the more the merrier!

No pictures this time, but I'm really getting into this blogging stuff! Thanks Tiff for getting me started! Cha Cha for now!

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DT Young Family said...

I'm so glad your loving it! We love getting frequent updates about your family. So as Nat and Colby left today Jayden said, "I want Addy and her brothers to come." We all sure would love to have you come see us!