Monday, April 6, 2009

New Baby on the Block!!!

Not ours...though we love her all the same! Greg and Holly were able to adopt a baby girl! WHOO HOO! There was a little bit of a rollercoaster in the beginning. They went to North Carolina to get the baby then after 4 days the birth mom changed her mind (apparently she had 7 days to sign the papers) and they came home empty handed and devastated. A week after that, the birth mom changed her mind again (this time it was great! She dropped the baby at the attorneys office and signed the papers then and there!) and Holly flew back out to get their little girl! I still get chills and tear up thinking about it.

Camden and his new baby cousin Lula Mae.

Addy couldn't get enough of her...she kept telling me, "mom, you're taking too long! It's my turn to hold her..."
I've got pictures of Cam and Addy holding her and we're going back so that Tyler and HOlden can see her too. She's beautiful! Greg and Holly are so cute and HAPPY! As you can imagine. :) For those who know this fab couple, you'll be excited too. As for us, we're just so glad to have this new addition to the family!

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DT Young Family said...

That is so exciting! Tell them how happy we are for them!