Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy easter everyone! We are a family divided this year...Shawn, Tyler, Holden, and Mike are in Beaver hunting turkeys. I heard from them today and it was rainy and snowy so they didn't spend much time out today. They saw tons, but didn't have a good shot at any of them. They are still hoping though, they'll be gone until possibly Tuesday.
It was just the little ones (Cole, Camden, and Addy) and me this we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for festivities...we painted pots, hunted for eggs, and planted flowers! The kids had a blast and mom was just grateful it wasn't happening at MY house! ;)
Addy with all her eggs and goodies...I took these with my phone and apparently I can't rotate them now...sorry for the sideways pictures...

Camden and his findings...does the Easter Bunny still need to come???
Showing Grandma, Aunt Roxanne and Mariah all the fun things we found!

Camden and Cole searching for eggs...they were hidden across 2 yards, in trucks and cars and trees...nothing was safe!

Addy hunting for eggs

Before we hunted, grandma helped the kids paint flower pots while grandpa and the big boys (uncles) hid the eggs...there were at least 200 eggs for...7 kids...WOW!

Addy and her painted pot!

Cam and Cole painting away...they were quite the artists...
The boys didn't get turkeys. They saw some Saturday, when it had just snowed, but weren't able to get a shot. After that, they didn't see ANYThing! Well, besides snow...

Elmer's Fudd, Fudd and mighty men hunting. That's Holden in the middle with no face...

Good thing we got them each those cushion things to sit on...Looks like they came in handy. These camoflaged heroes are Tyler at the tree and Holden in the shadow.

It was clear when they drove up and scouted the night before...all this snow is NEW! Fell during the night...This is Holden (the short one) and Mike.

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