Friday, April 17, 2009

HAPPY EASTER! again...
Easter morning Camden came in and woke me up at 6. I turned on a cartoon and made him wait for Addy to wake up on her own (mean mom). They had a great time finding the 6 eggs we'd colored the night before (I was a bit of a scrooge) and the baskets the Easter Bunny had hidden.

Addy got Polly Pockets, sidewalk chalk, jelly shoes and a BIG bouncy ball!

Addy's basket was hidden in the cupboard. She had walked past it a number of times before she looked through the glass doors.

Camden got sidewalk chalk, a sling shot (Nerf), a Wiggly sprinkler hose, and flip flops!

Cam found his basket on the stool at the counter...he'd found all the eggs before he looked for his basket.

"In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade."
Aren't they cute!?

We had Easter dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. It was so YUMMY!
Happy Easter Everyone!

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