Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Babysitters R Us!!!

We got to watch 2 of the cutest babies around this week! Addy was in heaven! The pictures are backward...we watched Lula on Tuesday and Aiden on Wednesday. When Addy woke up Wednesday she came into my room and said, "So, who do we have today? Lula? No, Aiden! Hey buddy!" It was torture for her to have to go to school and leave me to care of baby Aiden alone.
Feeding Aiden this afternoon was a team effort. He was a good sport!

We rode and walked to school. I thought Aiden would go to sleep, but he was wide awake enjoying the sites!

Camden and Addy took turns holding Aiden.

This morning Addy was so excited to find out we'd be babysitting again! She loves babies and LOVES to help them do everything she thinks they should do.
Tuesday we got to watch little Lula! We were so excited that Aunt Holly called us to babysit! Addy thought she had died and gone to heaven. She's been saving the "baby" bows for Lula and couldn't wait to give them to her...along with an assortment of other "baby" things...
Addy got a little anxious anytime it was someone elses turn to hold sweet baby!

Camden insisted on having his fair share too!

Holden hadn't met Lula yet, this was his first time! He was hunting, then the kids were sick, then he was hunting again, then mom was sick...the fates were against him. He sure liked what he saw much as any 11 year old boy does anyway. He was excited that she was awake for him and she seemed to like him. When she was passed again, she began to cry!

More helping! Cam and Addy took it on themselves to keep her rocking so that she could sleep soundly.
We have had such a fun week already with all these cute and fun babies to hold and play with! Having babies around this much is making me think...maybe...but don't tell Shawn! I think he'd have a coronary. ;)


The Byron Family said...

aw! those are great pics of my babe with the kids! when we stopped by to drop the money off cam was playing "boo" with aiden...SO cute! I asked if maybe when he got rid of his tooth he snuk it into aidens mouth..he thought that was pretty silly. we appreciate you guys so much! love ya

Anthony & Linds said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! It has been so fun reading them! I hope we see you guys soon, it's been forever!