Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You know you're a redneck when...

You have more guns than kids, eh? The boys are all gearing up for the big Turkey Hunt! Both of the boys drew out, but Shawn didn't. He's going armed with the camera...mom wants pictures. They are pretty excited. Tyler got a turkey last year, but he's just as excited to go this year. Boys... We took them out shooting (Thanks Clay!) to practice and it was a blast as always. Addy only shoots her gun a few times, but as you can see, Holden REALLY likes it. It takes a very secure, masculine man, right?

Camden is getting so good at loading and shooting his gun by himself. It's so cute to see him do it all by himself. He "gets his tongue just right" as my grandpa would say. I think he gets it from Grandma Jo and Poppy...both sides!

I shot too...I'm light years behind the kids...lots of work to do on my aim. I told Shawn, as long as I blow a hole in the bad guy when it counts.

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