Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I know, I still don't have pictures...I'm doing it today. Maybe.

So, I was just counting my blessings thinking how lucky we have been to be so healthy this winter. Usually we have had 3-4 ear infections, croup, strep, etc. by now. Not to mention the flu has usually gone the rounds at least once. I should have knocked on wood. Last week Camden got strep throat and missed 2 days from school. Then a day later Holden came down with the croup. Miraculously Addy stayed well, and I'm knocking on wood now.

My mom and Alan got tickets to the Draper Temple Open House and I was able to take the kids. We didn't get any pictures because we weren't allowed to take them inside and were in tents the whole time waiting to get into the Temple. Holden was pretty bummed about that, he really wanted to take pictures of it all. We are going to have to go back up and take pictures on the grounds. I don't know how soon we'll be able to though...there are openhouse appointments until March 14!

The Temple was beautiful! I was so impressed with the kids. They were all so good and reverent. They all had a good time and talked about it the whole way home. Holden was so enthralled with the Baptismal Font and can't wait to be able to go do Baptisms for the Dead himself. Camden loved the session rooms, there were 3 and the Terrestrial Rooms had murals on the walls. He kept telling me, "This is like where we camped!" Addy loved walking the halls and seeing all the pictures of Jesus. She would get so excited and pull my hand..."mom! It's Jesus again!"

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DT Young Family said...

That's awesome you got to go to the openhouse with your family! I saw some pics from the newspaper online...its beautiful!